Young Jazz
Born Jasper Ellison, April 22, 1990, who knew he would one day become the rap artist known as Young Jazz. He was born and rasied on in East Atlanta before relocating to the southside. In his formative years he sang in the church choir and was introduced to music and studio life by his cousin Hard Nard and by his Uncle Eric. His uncle owned a studio along with his record label called Infrared Records in which Young Jazz spent many days learning the in’s and outs of the music industry. Young Jazz participated in many high school talent shows with the group Ammunition which motivated him to pursue his dream even harder. Many of his inspirations in music have come from the likes of Tupac, Biggie Smalls, T.I., Killer Mike, Jay-Z, Outkast and many more. His ultimate dream and goal is to have not only a successful life in the game but to inspire people through his music, have fans playing his music years from now and to motivate others to follow their dreams and never give up.