Buck Millioon

Those that know him best know him as Buck Millioon. Born Jarvis Walthaw, December 16, 1987 and raised on the Westside of Atlanta, Georgia, Buck Millioon had a strong musical influence in his life and knew at a young age he wanted to be a rap artist. His cousin, a member of the rap group Born Hustlers would make beats in his basement and brought Buck in to watch him work and allowed him to rap over those beats giving him the foundation he needed to get into the game. As he got older he fell into the game by happenstance. He always believed he had the skills and talents to be successful and affiliated himself with his street brothers that were doing music and was invited to hop on some of the tracks. Eventually while in school he joined a group called KMZ for one of his fallen street brothers. For Buck Millioon music is his way of being able to open up about all the things he’s been through in his life and for him Tupac, Lil Wayne and Jeezy exemplified the life and style he wanted to achieve in his own life. His desire to put a different sound into the world and motivate other young males to pursue their dreams is what drives him to be successful in the rap game!