Blam nation

Blam Nation2

Blam born Ceasar Dow in New York, found his calling with music at the tender age of 4. Around the age of 8 and 9 Blam teamed up with Rapper Saigon to formulate the group know as He-Menz. Blam has been rapping for over 15 years and has built a resume that can be rivaled with mainstream artist. His sound is a unique one that can be often Imitated but never duplicated. What he brings to the table is not only raw talent but the love of music, and the passion that the music industry has long forgotten. Not only has he been on features with many artists he also lends a helping hand in production. Blam has worked with such names as Redman, Method man, Black Rob, Amil, Saigon, Krs-one, Cam’ron and many other notable acts. His production is one of a kind with the Help of Chris “Cinemaxx” Pinset and Adam Deitch they have been able to create the monster that is named Blam.
Blam is a local hero in his Hometown of Spring Valley, NY . The track entitled from “Rockland 2 Brick City” ft . Redman, LDJ , and Blam was the first ever track to acknowledge the existence of the county. Blam also received the acknowledgement from Mayor Darden and was invited to play at the village Festival, the first ever Rapper to do so at family day. He also had features in the 2005 Source Magazine Unsigned Hype article and 2007 Hip Hop Weekly December issue article entitled: On the Grind.
Once Blam raps you can easily get taken away from your world and enter the Blam Nation . The Blam Nation is not only a movement but a campaign to bring the real back. It consist of entrepreneurs, businessmen, C.E.Os to mailroom clerks anybody that wants to bring issues that matter back into the light of the public. Blam is a force to be reckoned with.