Time is a measurement that everyone lives by and music is an international language that everyone understands” These are the words that gave young entrepreneur Mr. Calder the great idea to establish an entertainment company called Time Zone International Records. Time Zone International Records has made tremendous strides within the music industry over the last few years.

With just six years of operating an entertainment company, Mr. Calder’s determination and love for not only music but his love to help struggling artists and musicians become successful in the music industry sets Time Zone International Records apart from all the other entertainment companies.

Time Zone International Records operates as an independent record label that includes artists, songwriters, producers and engineers that caters to all genres of music but more so Reggae & Dancehall music. It is Mr. Calders vision to see Reggae & Dancehall not only fused with hip hop and other genres but more so for this genre to be mainstream and respected around the world.